VOICE Training

VOICE offers an innovative training that enables counselors to maximize their teaching potential and create positive learning environments in their classrooms. Training exposes counselors to progressive teaching methodology, classroom management techniques, gender sensitivity and soft skills. Training also aims to sharpen counselors’ skills of observation, presentation, analysis and evaluation which are crucial for successful implementation of curriculum.

Training content has been structured to enable counselors to experience the VOICE camp culture prior through online material and in-person facilitation. Highly skilled VOICE facilitators conduct in-person training modeling the same teaching techniques and strategies as thosethat the counselors will implement during camp. Training allows participants to implement curriculum through micro-teaching sessions in order to engage with the material in an authentic way.

Training Resources:

  • Counselor handbook
  • Counselor self-study guide
  • Access to online platform: training videos, online content, assessment quizzes
  • In-person training

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