The VOICE Model

VOICE works with community-based partners that have access to a large network of campers. With the help of these partners, we transform schools into girl-safe environments where local college students, recruited and trained by VOICE, implement our curriculum.

Counselors and Field Coordinators

Camp staff is an essential part of the VOICE model. VOICE sources local college students and teachers from the schools where camps are conducted; we train them as counselors and field coordinators to deliver our curriculum. VOICE’s life-changing internships provide college students with an opportunity to be role models and give back as well as develop a highly valued skill set. Teachers, on the other hand, learn progressive teaching methodologies and new ways of thinking about student-teacher interaction not based on rote learning.

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Quality Control, Monitoring and Evaluation

Quality drives camp programming, and every step along the way, VOICE upholds quality standards through assessments and rigorous reporting. Through field coordinators and counselors, VOICE collects feedback about curriculum, demographic data, and impact assessment evaluations from campers. VOICE’s tools have been carefully crafted over the past few years to collect necessary data without being cumbersome for field staff to complete.

Feedback and data influences many different aspects of VOICE from curriculum to strategy. In order to accurately collect real-time data, we are currently developing a mobile platform to that will not only allow us to better gather data but also transform our ability to mange camps in different regions. Through technology, VOICE aims to create a management platform that can collect data as well as update and support summer field staff. Stay tuned to learn more about this exciting project.

Learn more about VOICE’s impact, and the new tools we're developing for effective data collection.

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