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Her VOICE focuses on learning English through a core curriculum comprised of chapters around being healthy, safety self-aware and forward thinking. Additional chapters are tailored to the partner and campers’ needs and desired learning outcomes. The curriculum help girls reimagine their roles and relationships in society, providing a forum for self-discovery. VOICE encourages girls to be engaged in their homes and communities as change agents, and thus incorporates soft skills such as conflict management, self-advocacy, leadership, and problem solving.

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VOICE understands the importance of community support when trying to break through social norms that keep girls marginalized. To this end, Her VOICE includes a number of community-based activities that expose girls to new people and places called Camp Connections. In the past, mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and aunts are invited to camp to learn alongside the campers on Family Day. We have conducted field trips to corporations, introducing campers to women in the workforce. VOICE has also partnered with doctors, dentists, and ophthalmologists to provide free medical check-ups for the campers, and TOMS Shoes for free footwear.

Gender empowerment and social equality does not happen in a vacuum. Both boys and girls need exposure to the critical knowledge and life skills taught in VOICE camps as well as a place where they can freely and respectfully interact with each other. United VOICE delivers the same activity-based programming as Her VOICE, while simultaneously aiming to bring boys into the conversation of gender equality and empower them to be “girl champions.” In order to make sure adolescent girls have the support and access to opportunity they need to succeed, we must sensitize boys to the ideals of gender equality.

United VOICE focuses on one or two core topics during a shorter camp period. Our current module, Careers and Higher Education, highlights the importance of understanding your skills and interests in order to connect that to future studies and career opportunities. VOICE plans to create other modules around topics such as health and hygiene, financial literacy, and global leadership.

Sakhi is a Hindi word that means “girl helper/friend.” The Sakhi Peer Leadership (Sakhi) program is supplemental to Her VOICE camps. Sakhi programming prepares campers to be peer leaders in their schools during the school year after camp ends. Sakhi campers attend regular camp programming but also receive additional instruction on counseling, active listening, and leadership skills in order to run Sakhi Sessions during the school year. After camp, Sakhis return to school, equipped with a 10-unit curriculum modified from the Her VOICE program. These girls lead sessions for other girls in their school to spread valuable VOICE knowledge and act as support systems for their fellow classmates.

This program is currently run in residential government schools in Andhra Pradesh.

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