What We Do – Overview

VOICE conducts activity-based camps in government and low-cost private schools where girls acquire critical knowledge, spoken English and life skills. VOICE Camps are conducted by motivated college students who are hired and trained intensively to impart our curriculum. ‘

VOICE's fun, interactive curriculum exposes campers to:

  • Critical knowledge topics such as basic health, physical and mental changes pertaining to puberty, menstrual health, safety, rights, self-awareness, and future planning.
  • Action-oriented life skills like interpersonal skills, leadership, problem solving, independent and critical thinking ability.
  • Communicative English skills which provide campers with a marketable skill that can increase education and employment opportunities.

Because campers have limited mobility, VOICE transforms low-income private and government schools into girl-safe environments.

VOICE currently has three programs: Her VOICE, United VOICE, and Sakhi Peer Leadership.

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