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VOICE creates a learning atmosphere that encourage campers to think critically, confidently speak in English, be reflective, apply creativity, and have fun! We believe long term impact comes from learning by doing and connecting content to real-life situations and challenges. VOICE’s unique activity-based curriculum contains core and elective chapters. Our model allows partners to customize content based on the needs of their girls while ensuring all girls get basic information, life skills, and spoken English. This model allows us to adapt to local needs while still delivering a product that can scale nationally.

Camper Competencies

VOICE has defined three areas of focus for camps: (1) critical knowledge, (2) life skills, and (3) spoken English. These competencies make up VOICE’s camp curriculum.

Critical Knowledge and Life Skills

VOICE’s curriculum model is comprised of core and additional chapters, which allows us to customize camps We have a core curriculum comprised of basic health, safety, rights, and future planning topics along with relevant life skills. Elective topics are adapted regionally, such as Disaster Response for our campers in Uttarakhand.

Sample Topics:

  • Health: Nutrition, hygiene, common illnesses, first aid, puberty, menstruation, reproduction, childbirth, HIV/AIDS
  • Safety: dealing with harassment, preventing and coping with sexual assault, support systems, rights
  • Future Planning: higher education, careers, fitting skills and interests to careers, financial literacy and budgeting, goal setting and planning
  • Exposure: field trips to local corporations, mentor visits from local professionals, community engagement

English Language Teaching and Learning

English communication is a marketable skill that’s widely valued, increasing education and employment opportunities for girls. VOICE enriches girls’ vocabulary and knowledge on grammar structures by integrating English Snapshots into activities, making learning fun and maximizing their participation in activities. English Snapshots also equip girls with necessary language phrases to articulate thoughts and ideas.

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Our Methodology


Every chapter in the book is structured around three themes: Past Ideas (What We Know), New Ideas (What We Will Learn) and Application (What We Can Do). VOICE curriculum draws on what girls have already learned, introduces them to new ideas, and facilitates application of information to real-life situations. Short homework tasks ask the girls to share camp knowledge with their family and peers.

Tools and Methods

VOICE uses a variety of interactive techniques and low-cost materials to engage campers. Our activities cater to different learning styles, involve a lot of movement, and promote group work, which is lacking in schools. Camp provides opportunities to think critically and make independent decisions.

Techniques used:

  • Individual, pair, group work
  • Puzzles, quizzes, games
  • Skits and role play
  • Interviewing and discussions
  • Presentations
  • Dance and songs
  • Case studies and stories
  • Ice-breakers and energizers

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VOICE Curriculum Creed

  1. Campers learn best in an atmosphere where they feel that they are valued, fearless, and inspired.
  2. Knowledge should be collectively constructed rather than transmitted only from teacher to student.
  3. Learning is most meaningful when it is a process of guided discovery.
  4. Learning experience must be appropriate to students’ needs and abilities. Materials and thinking tasks should be challenging but accessible.
  5. Learning should be a process of active participation, both cognitively and physically. Variety of teaching techniques and different kinds of activities enhance the learning process.
  6. Campers must be given opportunities to practice their learning and to apply it to daily life.
  7. Language and thought are inseparable. It is essential that students are encouraged to develop the necessary language to express their ideas.
  8. Campers learn a language better when using it to do things and develop ideas rather than studying how language works and practicing rules.
  9. Critical information, life-skills and leadership components enable girls to increase their decision-making power and become role models for their peers.
  10. Custom curriculum enables all girls from different regions and backgrounds to have content that meets their immediate needs.
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