VOICE 4 Girls needs your support!

VOICE Camps impart knowledge and skills to girls with which they can negotiate to stay in school, delay marriage and pregnancy, and take charge of their futures. We have reached out to over 31,000 girls so far and we dream of a future where every girl in the country is able to reach her potential!

Help us send more girls to VOICE Camp!

Sponsor One Girl's Camper Book Set

At VOICE Camp, each 'camper' gets a camper book that she gets to take home and keep with her. This colorful and pictorial book is filled with facts, information, tips, helplines and anecdotes etc. Each book is a treasure trove of information that girls can refer to when they need guidance. You can sponsor one girl's camper book set for just Rs 750!

Sponsor a Girl for One Camp Cycle

It costs just Rs. 1,500 to send a girl to a 10-day VOICE Camp where she will learn to negotiate for her future and make decisions for herself. The knowledge and skills she walks away with could help her change her own life and the lives of so many around her!

Help One Girl Become a Peer Educator

Camp creates a fun and safe learning environment where girls can express themselves without fear. It is also a place where they make friends and share their thoughts. But, there's more! Over one academic year (traditionally in class 8) VOICE conducts three subsequent camps - Parichay (where girls learn about puberty, menstruation, safety from violence and fundamental rights), Disha (where girls learn about educations, careers, sexual and reproductive health, gender and identity, marriage and future planning and even financial planning!) followed by the Sakhi Peer Leadership camp. One such cycle is helping a girl, not just to take charge of her own life and make informed decisions but also to become a mentor for her peers - a Sakhi. Sakhis go back to their schools and communities with the skills and tools to teach younger girls, solve problems in their community and be changemakers! You can help one girl to become a Sakhi by supporting her through these three camps for a sum of Rs 4,500!

To help empower girls in India, you can make a donation to:

Account Name: VOICE 4 Girls
Account Number: 00817620000039
IFSC Code: HDFC0000021
Bank Name and Address: HDFC Bank, 6-1-73, Saeed Plaza,
Lakdikapul, Hyderabad - 500004

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