The Reality

When a girl finds her voice, the world around her begins to change.

Adolescent girls have the ability to break harmful cycles of poverty and social inequality.

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Here is an adolescent girl in India. Like any other adolescent, she is noticing a lot of changes in her world. As her body physically changes, people start to see her differently. Her freedom outside the home becomes limited; pressure builds to keep her marriageable and out of harm. She has many questions but few answers from parents and peers. This girl does not have the information that she needs to be safe, healthy, and independent.

voice-girl-questionsAdolescence is a turning point that disproportionately affects girls. Now is a time when decisions are being made for her, and without information or a voice, she has little control over her own future. Because she can’t advocate for herself, she will likely remain caught in and perpetuate cycles of poverty and social inequality.

There are 72 million other adolescent girls like her in India.

VOICE believes in this girl. When a girl has knowledge and agency, she is proven to advocate for herself, seek educational opportunities, and pull herself, her family, and her community out of poverty. Through activity-based spoken English and life skills camps, we provide her with information to answer her questions, and tools to help her guide her own future.

voice-girlThis girl has the immense unmet potential to reconstruct her society from within. She can shape both her own life and the lives of those around her when she understands her world and can act in it. This girl has the power to make positive decisions.

happy-stats72 million girls in India each helping themselves and their families, can together transform the nation.

How do we provide girls with tools to be informed, confident, and able to take charge of their lives? Find out more about VOICE Camps.

*Statistics from Dasra, Joni Seager,The Nike Foundation, and Plan UK.

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